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Patron Guitar Designs


If you are sick of the same old dread knot sound and style look no further ,or if your looking for a different kind of stage presence that’s not just a gimmick let me introduce you to Patron Guitars.

Let Patron Guitars will open your mind to new design features, sounds and techniques in the Luthiers Field (Fine wooden instrument designer/technician.).  Here is where Patron Guitars puts its years of research to the work bench.  With recognitions from the American Luthiers Guild and being featured in the Luthiers Guild Quarterly as a upcoming new Luthier.  Open your mind to some of the designs that Patron Guitars has come up with.

Read below for more info on Patron Guitars Designs and a collection of all the updates and blog entries from Ben ,The Miser, and friends.  For more info on certain models and designs don’t be afraid to Contact Ben on his contact page or email him.

Torres Reproduction Update

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Patron Guitars Designs, Reproductions | 0 comments

torres string cocoon consdrtail

Cocoon body straighten.


Some more Design Techniques


Neck clamp design.

Guitjoron / Dobro Double Bass

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Guitjoron, Patron Guitars Designs, Reconfigured Guitars | 0 comments

22"guitjorone bass


Custom Hand Made 22″ Guitjoron

  • Drum Set Kick Drum
  • Hand Made Neck
  • Compatible with many pool ques as a stand.
  • Can be played upright or angled.
  • Reconfigured Neck for more ergonomic playing stance.
  • Available for purchase just contact Ben

Custom Goldpan Resonator Guitar

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Patron Guitars Designs, Resonator Guitars | 0 comments


(front) Custom Goldpan Resonator Guitar



(back) Custom Goldpan Resonator Guitar

Top view of Reconfigured Resonator

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Patron Guitars Designs, Reconfigured Guitars, Resonator Guitars | 0 comments

resorecon head view detail

Tin Chicken Roof Reconfigured Resonator Steel 6-String

Guitjoron Specifications

Posted by on Dec 30, 2013 in Patron Guitars Designs | 0 comments


No examples are known of the Gibson or Dobro giant bass banjos. This lightweight bass fits easily in the car, and is weatherproof. Slap it and kick-drum whack are available options. Large bar frets provide spot-on intonnation. Electric snaps and thumb-bumps are natural when it’s in the horizontal standing position.


  • 22″ head; 34″ scale
  • Micro-tilt neck
  • Balsa wood-cyanoacrylate bridge
  • Richlite® saddle and nut
  • Spun aluminum reflector
  • Two peg positions for standup playing upright or horizontal

Guitjo Specifications

Posted by on Dec 30, 2013 in Patron Guitars Designs | 0 comments

two 14"guitjos


  • Micro-tilt neck adjustment
  • Individual string saddle adjustment
  • two octave stainless steel fret board with composite radius
  • Gut-bucket slide sound
  • Lightweight and “industrial tough”
  • Volute butt-cheek neck profile (the prototype has a vintage neck)
  • The tension of the head material and bridge configuration affects the voice, volume, and sustain



The 14″ head and offset neck allows for a fat bottom growl, which is usually lacking in guitar-banjos. Lightweight with high fret access and slide friendly, these tough axes can be set up to mimic many sounds, and have a great voice of their own. A snare snap can be affected to accompany your playing.

Cypress Reconfigured Requinto

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Patron Guitars Designs, Reconfigured Guitars | 1 comment


The requinto scale allows softer actions, as well as high tuning options. The reconfigured design accommodates a very delicate (lite) build, yet withstands most gauge strings.


  • 22.75″ scale
  • Stainless steel compound radius fingerboard
  • 100 years cured piano spruce top
  • Balsa wood/carbon fiber lattice bracing
  • Balsa wood/cyano-acrylate bridge
  • Nickel plated, carbon fiber
  • Carbon fiber-bone-carbon fiber construction saddle
  • Cypress back and sides
  • 100 years cured oak 3-piece volute style neck
  • Pearl and aluminum rosette
  • Ergonomic, wedge offset recon body
  • Micro tilt adjustable neck
  • Nylon or steel string