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22"guitjorone bass

No examples are known of the Gibson or Dobro giant bass banjos. This lightweight bass fits easily in the car, and is weatherproof. Slap it and kick-drum whack are available options. Large bar frets provide spot-on intonnation. Electric snaps and thumb-bumps are natural when it’s in the horizontal standing position.


  • 22″ head; 34″ scale
  • Micro-tilt neck
  • Balsa wood-cyanoacrylate bridge
  • Richlite® saddle and nut
  • Spun aluminum reflector
  • Two peg positions for standup playing upright or horizontal

Guitjoron / Dobro Double Bass

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22"guitjorone bass


Custom Hand Made 22″ Guitjoron

  • Drum Set Kick Drum
  • Hand Made Neck
  • Compatible with many pool ques as a stand.
  • Can be played upright or angled.
  • Reconfigured Neck for more ergonomic playing stance.
  • Available for purchase just contact Ben

Guitjoron Bass Thumping

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Guitjoron is the big papa to the guitjo.  Its a kick drum made into a upright bass.  With full neck and fully operable bass drum.